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Simple Tips on How to Clean Your Headphones at Home

The headphones are one of the most widely abused item in this world. Why? It is because almost 85% of the population in this earth would love to listen to music and hearing it personally and clearly via the headphones is already a heaven. In the vast majority of people who loves to listen to music, you cannot always say that a friend or a family member will not be curious about what you are listening. Due to that small amount of consciousness, they are going to push themselves to ask you to have them borrow the headphones for them to also know and listen the kind of music that you have enjoyed listening with. Do you know that this action can cause transfer of germs and accumulation of it in your headphone? Now, due to this fact, the following are simple home tips on how to clean your headphones at home.

Do a simple assessment – For your own safety and welfare of both the headset and the device, it is very important to unplug the headset from any device it is connected. This is to prevent any electrical shock to happen that can cause damage to your device and put you at risk. Apart from that, you also have to check for any torn or naked cables of your headphones that can also be dangerous once you clean it with liquid cleaning agent.

The materials to be used – The cleaning materials that you are going to use in this session can be found at home. These are warm water with a tinge amount of gentle detergent mixed all together in a spray bottle and a soft cloth to wipe. It is not necessary for you to buy strong liquid cleaning agents because there are some that can loose the integrity of the cable wirings causing it to soften and peel of in the long run.


The cleaning process – The proper way of cleaning your headphones is not to soak the wirings neither to spray the mixed cleaning agent directly onto the headphone. Instead, you have to spray the mixed cleaning agent into the soft cloth until dampened. After which, gently wipe the wirings using the dampened clean cloth. Apply necessary pressure once you have spotted tough dirt to make sure that it will be removed. In case it won’t, you can make use of alcohol into a dampened cloth to wipe it out.

Wipe it dry – After the cleaning process, you have to wipe out the headphones using a clean dry cloth to remove the residue. It is very important to wipe it dry right after the process to make sure that there will be no watermarks left on the wirings.

Of course, headphones may vary from wide selections and you can choose your preferred style at but still, cleaning it could boil down as the above-mentioned steps. There is no need for you to spend on expensive commercialized cleaning agents just to clean up your headphones, ingredients found at home will do.