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Who and what is inside a Corporate Video Production?

When you need to create corporate video or other kinds of video production you need to have someone to manage and to produce it. Below are the following crews that will create a corporate video or it can be a large film production. It is either a big film or just a simple corporate video that may need the following to make it successful.


The director is the one who will see the creative feature of a film. They will be involved in controlling the flow of the content, directing performances of the actors and choosing the great locations in which a film will be shooting.


Production is not a department but a sequence of helpful functional groups. These groups include the producers both film and executive, production manager, production coordinator, their assistants, accounting staffs, location manager together with their assistants.

Camera and Lighting

The camera and the lighting involve the appearance of the film through shots from the camera. Director of Photography is the one who will be taking the decisions on when the shot is good for the film already.

Sound Production

The people on sound production will be responsible fpr recording the sound, when the right timing to do it and what microphones are going to use for each setup. This simply means audio production on each scene.

Art or props department

This will be the setup of the location. The people responsible here are the production designers, art director, graphic artist, illustrator, set decorator, buyers who are responsible in buying or purchasing what are needed on the set, dresser, lead man, prop makers, construction which include carpenter, and others.

Costume department

In the costume department they will be the one to produce the costume or the dress and clothing of the cast of characters.  There is a costume supervisors involve, key costumer who will be employed for a large production, breakdown artist who will be busy in making new clothes to appear dirty, worn and faded. And others like tailor and fitters.

Hair and make-up

The make-up artist is the one involve in the production for the artist to look effective on the screen. Some artist has their own make-up artists or stylist.

Special effects

This is creating special optical illusions when the shooting is ongoing. This is sometimes physical effects and sometimes some effects created by SFX assistants. This can involve building miniatures for stunts.


These are the people who will be in replacement of the actor during a film when there is dangerous act that only a stunt can do.

Post Production

This is the communication of all the directors, producers, editors to make sure that the target date and the budget is achievable at the end of the production.

On the website http://www.cmavideo.co.uk they have the complete production to do the corporate video production that you need. The above enumeration of the people in the production team are those responsible in creating a successful video production whether it a short film or a regular one.